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  • We are accepting deposits for future litters but BEFORE you are able to get on our waiting list you'll need to click here.  It will let give you the needed information to join our list. 
  • PLEASE go through all the pages on our website before you inquire about getting on our list for a puppy!

Waiting List


Order of Deposits/Wait List  Updated 7/09/19

1. Vandana G. - M

2. Theresa G. - M

3. Lloyd S. - F

4.  Katie L. & Jayce M. - M/F

5.  Therese R. - M/F

6.  Nick M. - M/F

7. Jami C. - F

8. Sharleen S. - M

9.  Julie E. - M

10.  Laura A. - M/F

11. Mandy A. - F

12. Liuba & Olga I. - F

13. Dana & Carter E. - F

14. Keri W. & Chip S. - F

15. Lorie & Eric E. - M

16.  April D. & Merrick F. - F/M

17.  Jennifer S. M

18. Susan & Jeremy G. - F

19. Andrea Merrifield - 

How to Join

2019 Upcoming Litters

  • Maddie was bred to Charlie and is due end of July. 

A sales tax of $162 will be added to the $2000 for WA and non WA residents.

If you are a nonresident, you may be able to request a refund directly from the Department of Revenue of the state retail sales tax you paid, starting Jan. 1, 2020.

Make sure to keep your receipts for verification when you request your refund.

For more information, visit dor.wa.gov/nonresidents.